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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welcome to the Blog!

Hello to all!

Introductions are in order so I'll kick off by telling you a bit about myself. I'm 37 year old gamer with a passion for minis wargaming. I play and have played a TON of games over the years. I started with Warhammer Fantasy back in the late 80's and have been with the hobby ever since.

I moved on from WHFB to 40K and then into Necromunda. After a few years off I came back to the hobby with Warmachine and Hordes. After that it was Pulp City, Infinity, Alkemy, Heavy Gear Blitz, Warlands, Firestorm Armada and a number of others.

I currently am a member of the Dream Pod 9 Pod Squad promoting Heavy Gear Blitz. I am a Herald and primary writter, rules developer for the game Pulp City. These are my current favorites in the game world but I've never been afraid to try something new. I'm a fan of these two games for a variety of different reasons and as the blog goes on you'll be treated to my totally biased opinion on all things gaming.

My beer in the fridge for this week is Guinness. I'm a fan of dark beers, Porters especially but I enjoy a good Stout as well. Nothing says Stout like a Guinness. Now in fairness drinking it from a bottle is a far cry from a glass poured in an Irish Pub but we take what we can get. Winter in Maine is cold and dark and I find a cold glass of dark beer is just the thing. As the weather warms I'll turn to a lighter beer but for January Guinness does the job nicely.


  1. I guess you win. On a more important note, have you tried this fine brew?

  2. I have not. It sounds good though. I'll have to check around see if I can find some. I'm luck enough to live in a place where we have a plethora of good micro brews made locally. But I'm always interested in trying something new.